Get to Know Us

Our Story

iPrevailed is a results-driven technology, business and digital consultancy. Our team consists of experts in information technology, business development, digital marketing, finance, and operations. We leverage our extensive knowledge of various industries and global markets to provide clients with the tools needed to succeed.

iPrevailed provides "Innovative Solutions" by working closely with our clients throughout the project lifespan. Our focus has always been to inspire entrepreneurs, startups, and owners of small-medium sized businesses so that they may reach their full potential. We achieve this by creating exceptional designs, along with solid code and original content that produces satisfying results.

We excel at technology, business, and digital expertise that deliver key business intelligence, improved workflow processes, and imaginative product solutions.

iPrevailed originally began providing these smaller companies with web hosting, (SEO) search engine optimization and domain name registration. Today, we are making the transition from not only a cloud services provider but also a full-service digital agency. Our client projects will now be developed by smaller yet more Agile/Lean teams. Our service offerings will now not only include Cloud Services, but also UX/UI Design, Integrated Marketing, Analytics, Mobile App Development, and more.

Our Mission

Helping entrepreneurs, startups, and other business owners succeed is our mission. We strive to establish close and long-lasting partnerships with our clients by simply getting to know their needs and working diligently to address those needs. Our ability to assist clients in achieving their goals is how we measure our very own success.

Our Vision

Our top priority is the businesses goals of our clients. No matter if they are just starting a newly formed company, looking to grow an existing one, a non-profit, or Fortune 500. We have over 20+ years experience serving a variety of clients in every industry. Regardless of how you do business, iPrevailed knows what it takes to achieve your ambitions.

Our Passion

We’re not satisfied with just being average. We believe that everything can be improved upon. Trendsetting is one of our core values. This is why we stay ahead of the curve... so that we can provide our clients with outstanding products.

We believe that everyone has that same fire inside them - it's that intangible characteristic, a passion inside your soul, the inspiration to keep going no matter the obstacles that may stand in your way. It's that determination that will allow you to prevail. So whether you desire to attract more customers or to simply provide better service to your current customer base... iPrevailed could be the very spark that your company needs to ignite the fire that will blaze a path to success.

Our Brand

In Greek mythology, Prometheus (meaning "Forethought") was an integral part of the battle between the Titans and the Olympian gods led by Zeus to gain control of the heavens. Though a Titan himself, Prometheus switch sides and supported the Olympians so that they would become victorious.

Prometheus raided Mt. Olympus and stole fire and then gave the valuable gift to mankind.

He then taught man how to use their new gift and he has also came to be associated with science and culture.

Much like Prometheus, iPrevailed has adopted this idea in the form of giving knowledge and skills to entrepreneurs, startups and business owners so that they too can prevail.